How To Make A Decision About Where We Live

A very interesting article in the weekend papers regarding “how to make a decision about where we live.”

Life Coach where to live

This article brings home one of the many issues that has been raised by our enforced ‘Covid Hibernation’.

People are reassessing their life plans and looking for solutions which may have been altered significantly due to work/home/life being transformed into an almost medieval state.

It can make us question previously held beliefs about who we are and how we see ourselves and our partners or family members.

In this article the pivot of the dilemma is couched in a very practical way; where would best suit us to live, town or country? As the author suggests, it may be that the issue has deeper roots and we need to be cognisant that we are be reactionary in a climate of continuing flux.

Perhaps all this couple needs is a new way of living but it is worth questioning our motives and checking the foundations of the relationship before we jump into uncharted waters.

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