Hello, my name is Maureen Kiely.

I wear many hats, I am a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister… I am a Professional Coach, a Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I started my career as a nursery nurse, which I really loved and adored but although the job satisfaction was high, the financial benefits were not.

I married young and was blessed with two beautiful children in my early twenties. I was determined to offer them a better life and in order to do so, I wanted to broaden my skills. 

I enrolled in an Assertiveness course at the end of which I was asked if I would be interested to train as a tutor. Excited by the possibility I was introduced to Ann Dickson who is a psychologist and founder of the Redwood Women’s Training Association. 

The Redwood training course fee was more than the price of our family car. I told Ann that I couldn’t possibly afford it and she simply told me that if I wanted in enough I would find a way and I did!

I revelled in the course content and the empowering outcome of using the Redwood techniques and beliefs. Shortly after qualifying as a Redwood Woman I set up my own training courses in Assertiveness. I won contracts with the NHS, Probation Service and private entities where delegates were coached to use rehearsed strategies to improve the mutual outcomes of their daily work and social interactions. Recipients of this training were the first to refer to my work as “game changing!”

I am an avid student and always wanted to achieve a degree. As a full time working single parent my only option was the Open University. It took 8 hard years part time but I attained an BSC Hons degree. 

Later on, benefitting from hypnotherapy to stop smoking myself and amazed at its efficiency, I was convinced that it could be used to fast-track outcomes that otherwise could take years rather than weeks to achieve. To find out, I enrolled as a trainee at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and went on to achieve a diploma with distinction and went on to graduate with a post grad diploma. I was then invited to become a lecturer for the LCCH running courses in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Exeter and Lisbon.

Incorporating hypnosis into selected areas of my executive coaching cut months or years from the process. This is because the sub-conscious mind can work on projects while the conscious mind gets on with everyday life. This was a real game-changer - a term often used by satisfied clients.

For approaching 20 years I have also worked,  at least part of my week,  with patients undergoing the roller-coaster emotions surrounding IVF and pregnancy, and pregnancy loss. This has been at both my own private practice in London and at the famous  ZitaWest Fertility Clinic.